Supporting Us

Yateley Industries receives funding and support from various Local  Authorities and Social Services for our disabled and vulnerable employees.  A third of our income comes from our commercial activities and a third comes from charitable grants and corporate organisations. With your help, we have already been able to achieve so much, but we need you now more than ever especially in today’s economic climate.

With the increasing number of disabled and vulnerable people wanting to live and work here, Yateley Industries have embarked upon a £1.5m building project to build extra accommodation adapted to the needs of disabled and vulnerable people.

If you would like to make a donation, or organise an event for Yateley Industries, it would be hugely appreciated by all of us here and will go towards the £1.5m that we are looking to raise.

We are also hugely grateful to the many donors, grant making trusts and foundations who have supported us in the past.