image2Welcome to this short introduction about the work and the people of Yateley Industries. Supported Employment Centres such as ours, have undergone major changes over the recent years. These have presented us with challenges in the way we are funded and to the base concepts of how disabled people are trained and employed.

The need to justify the investment in places such as Yateley Industries, by spreading the resource to benefit other members of the community, besides the core of residents, is essential. The need to train and progress disabled people into mainstream employment and to ensure their independence in the community is also a prime outcome.

However, there is a section of our disabled colleagues who, through the severity of their disability, will always need the care and support of an organisation such as Yateley Industries. In order to survive we must be a commercially viable business. We also need to retain an element of our trained workforce to train others and guarantee our ability to produce.image1

Recent times have seen a sharp decline in sheltered factories nationally. It is essential that if people with disabilities are to be given a chance to compete on a “level playing field”, this decline is reversed. It is morally and financially unacceptable that disabled people in our society be condemned to the benefit culture simply because we who are more fortunate, (whether individuals, local authorities or government) fail to provide the basic infrastructure.

Therefore, we will ensure that all the residents and employees at Yateley Industries have every opportunity to achieve their goals, reach their full potential and make possible a better quality of life.

Free Computer Training Guide

To help with employment, we are currently offering a free computer training guide, which can be downloaded here. We have teamed up with a free stuff website, called FreeStuff Baby, who offer all of the best UK freebies.